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Paper Fan Natural Soy Candle - Dust Pink

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A pink paper fan awaits a place at your favourite counter tops and tables. Light up the beautifully crafted candles that will enhance the aesthetics and the ambiance of your rooms.


Light them up when you study, or work or have some drinks with your loved ones. This paper fan candle will remind you of a fairy tale and mesmerise your seating spaces for a wonderfully calm atmosphere.

As you light them up, they will awaken a sense of art all around them!

Dimensions :

16 cms X 10 cms X 8cms

Weight - 525 gms

Fragrance :


Burning Time :

72 hours approximately.

Trim your wick in the first burn and each burn. For a correct candle flame, let it burn for almost 2 hours

Due to weather temperature, your candle may come with some small white marks known as "frosting", a very natural effect of natural soy wax and doesn't harm the candle or its burn.

Shipping & Return

Dispatched in 3-4 Days working days. This product is Non-Returnable


Color: Pink

Materials: Wax

Care Instructions: Keep away from direct Sunlight. Put your figure candle in a tray when use to burn them. Place your candle on a flat surface and don't leave it unattended when lit.